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ecoDish Powder 1.5Kg

$11.99 ea

1.5 Kg  | Fragrance-Free  

Our ecoDish Powder is back in 1.5Kg with a new and improved low suds formula! We’ve got an eco-friendly way for you to wash dishes in your dishwasher. Made from only biodegradable ingredients, our ecoDish Powder is an effective and environmentally sustainable dishwasher cleaning powder.

* Please note, this powder may not be suitable for dish drawers.

If you want 100% recycled, that’s what you get. All of our bottles are made 100% from recycled NZ milk bottles. Why pretend you are eco when the packaging of eco products don’t use fully recycled bottles like us. That’s why we are eco, inside and out. Why go partially eco when you can go 100% with WILL&ABLE!

The following ingredients (sorry about the big words) in our ecoDish Powder have been approved, making them safe for you and safe for our environment.

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