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Premium Raw

your pet will love it

A balanced raw diet includes

Meat, bones, organs, and green tripe from a variety of sources. And, as a rule of thumb we recommend feeding from different species over a week. This ensures a good variety of nutrients in your dog’s diet.

Our Products

  • Minces:  Feed the minces alongside the products listed below to make it a well-balanced raw diet.
  • Meaty Bones: Chicken frames, lamb & veal brisket, chicken necks turkey drums pork trotters and beef cannon bones,
  • Green Tripe: Green tripe is an important part of a raw feeding – it’s the ‘green vegetable’ of your dog’s diet. It is very smelly, so it can be fed frozen, but your dog will love it. It can be fed every day.
  • Organ Meat: Organs should be fed once or twice a week.


The Key Benefits

Healthy teeth and fresh breath

Your pet will have improved oral health with less tartar build-up and lovely clean, white teeth. You shouldn’t need to brush your pets teeth or take them to the vet with teeth problems.

Healthy skin and coat

Their coat will become glossy once on a raw food diet. In addition, skin diseases and irritations are non-existent.

Improved immune system

A well balanced raw diet will strengthen your pets immune system. It will reduce inflammatory conditions and dramatically reduce the risk of infections.

Smaller, odourless stools

Because the raw food diet is absorbed far better than dried grain-fed diets the digestive system improves dramatically resulting in smaller stools and far less odour.

Higher energy levels

Once again, speaking from experience with our own dogs, the raw diet provides all of the required food sources to increase energy levels.

Lean muscle mass…reduced fat

As the diet is natural and well-balanced your pet will naturally lose unneeded body fat and build important muscle mass. Your pet will look and feel better and most likely they will lead to a healthier and longer life.

Your Pet will Love it

Raw feeding isn’t new and it isn’t a trend. Pets have been enjoying a raw food diet since the dawn of time.